Wednesday, 11 May 2011

ESXTOP logging to Windows File share

1. Create a share on a windows server.

2. Create a local user on the same server and give them full access to the share you just created.

3. On your ESX server enable SMB client (ports tcp:137-139,445) on your ESX firewall so that you can reach your windows share.

4. Logon your console or Putty with root user and create a new folder to store your .csv results.
mkdir /mnt/logging

5. To create the Windows mount point
mount -t cifs //Servername/ESXLogging /mnt/logging -o username=ESXLogging,password=L0gging

6. After you have setup the above you now need to run ESXTOP and point it to the mount point.
esxtop -b -d 10 -n 77760 >/mnt/logging/ESXSERVER_DATE.csv

A good online reference for this is

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