Wednesday 14 March 2012

XenApp 6.5 Planning

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I always find when doing any kind of Citrix deployments whether it be test labs, pre-production or live systems there is an awful lot to consider before you even start to plan your roll out - and rightly so. A lot of this is for my own use and just to jog my memory form time to time and also to make sure i don't miss anything out of the planning side of things. If you would like to add something to this or let me know the way you go about planning a XenApp 6.5 please let me know.

Hardware and Software considerations
  • What hardware will you be using? How much RAM does the server, what are the CPU's and their spec, what disks are going to be used and their speed.
  • Windows licensing? What edition of OS are you going to be using? Std, Ent or DataCenter.
  • Do you have your Windows RDS licensing?
  • What OS do you plan to install XenApp on and is it 32bit of 64bit?
  • What hypervisor do you plan on using? XenServer, VMware, Hyper-V?
  • What Citrix Licensing do you have and what model do you have? Concurrent or user/device? 

Application/User Considerations
Networking Considerations 

XenApp Server Configuration Considerations
Installing XenApp

Configuring XenApp
- Are you joining an existing farm or a new one?
- If creating a new farm have the name and domain ready.
- Select the data store database type and connection information.
- Do you have the database credentials?
- Are you going to use shadowing?
- What server mode and zone name?
- Do you have the licensing information?
XenApp Security
Migration Considerations


  1. Great write up..

  2. Very nice, thank you!!!! Just one more point on User profiles - mandatory, any third party tools, etc...