Thursday 12 April 2012

XenApp 6.5 Step by Step - Step 1 Installation

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This is a installation of XenApp 6.5 step by step in a test lab setup within VMware Workstation which I've built to help me play\view some of the new features within XenApp 6.5.

Before I begin the install of XenApp 6.5 I've configured the following first
  • A Windows 2008 domain (CTXLAB.COM).
  • 2 Windows 2008 R2 64bit servers configured with my customizations and SP1 installed for the XenApp servers and the web interface.
  • A Windows 2008 R2 server for the license server.
  • A Windows 7 SP1 64bit.
Step 1 - Installing XenApp 6.5 has a few prerequisites but I'm going to let the XenApp Server Role Manager (using the Server Role Installer) to automatically install XenApp prerequisites.  Lets get started but if you are planning a deployment of XenApp 6.5 have a look at my planning guide which give you a list of questions you need to ask before even starting.

1. Insert the XenApp 6.5 media and click on install XenApp Server.

 2. Since we added no prerequisites you will be prompted to install .Net 3.5 SP1, click OK.

3.  Once the install of .Net 3.5 has finished and the Citrix XenApp Server Role Manager starts click on Add Server Roles.

4.  You will be prompted to select your edition of XenApp.

5. Agree to the license and click Next.

6.  As this is a test environment I'm going to install the XenApp and Web Interface role on the same server but if this is a production environment have a look here to see how you can split the roles out. 
 7.  I've added the XML integration as this let the Citrix XML port and IIS share port 80, if you have a requirement to separate these do not select it.

 8.  You will now be prompted about how the installation is going to plan out and what restarts are required.

9.  Review what is going to be installed and click next.

10.  As I never added some of the prerequisites the installation requires a restart.

11.  Once you clicked on finish on the previous screen you will now be prompted to Reboot the XenApp server, click on the Reboot link within role manager.

12.  Make sure you log back in to the server with the user account the you used to install XenApp with and you will be prompted to resume install, click on the resume install link.

13.  You will be presented with now what is going to be installed after the restart, click Install.

14.  Your XenApp 6.5 install is now completed, click finish

 15.  You will now be asked to configure the XenApp licensing and the Web Interface since we select this during the install. 

Now go to Step 2 to see how to configure Licensing. 


  1. This is an excellent job Will.

    I am going to put a link to it in our internal knowledge base.

    Thank you so much for all this hard work.


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