Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mobile Devices and CAG VPX

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Ok have you run in to the lovely issue with trying to configure a mobile device such as an iOS device or android to connect to a XenApp service site via a CAG VPX?  We'll after reading all the edocs, multiple forums posts and just at of playing I finally got it working.

You may run in to an error and be presented with the following message
"The address given did not provide a valid App list. Please check the address, gateway settings, and your network connection.”"
I've spent a load of time on this and i could never find any documentation that specified what exactly was needed..... do I need to add config.xml to the basic logon point? Do use FQDN or Netbios....Ahh!

Anyways lets begin

Before you start
  1. A Web Interface of 5.4 but at least 5.x.
  2. Access Gateway 5.02 or above.
  3. FQDN certs and intermediate cert.
Web Interface
  1. Create a service site called /mobile but can be anything you choose.
  2. Name farm and add Servers to the site along with XML port and transport type.
  3. Configure the mobile site with "Gateway Direct" in secure access
  4. Add address of externally FQDN (
  5. Set STA as
  6. Authentications point at Web Interface
  7. Set Authentication Method to Prompt
Access Gateway
  1. Configure ICA Access Control List - ICA and SR. 
  2. Configure STA - Exact setting you configured for the WI.
  3. Configure authentication profile you require.
  4. add cert and make sure you also add the intermediate cert and then Chain the certs.
  5. Create a Basic Logon Point called Mobile and check Authenticate with Web Interface
  6. Website Configuration:

  • Home Page - http://XASrv/mobile/config.xml
  • Web Address - http://XASrv/mobile/config.xml

Note: for the Web Address also try just "http://XASrv"

Citrix Receiver mobile
  1. The Root CA certificate that created the AG certificate must be present on the mobile device.
  2. iPad - URL 
  3. iPhone - URL

Use the Online URL Generator to create simple way of setting up the receiver. 

If you think i've missed something off please dont hesitate to let me know.

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