Wednesday, 7 November 2012

VDI-in-a-Box - Best Practices

Best Practices: Scale One by One

Creating the VDI-in-a-Box Grid
  • Start with one server then expand, or one image then expand
  • Scale the grid one server at a time
  • Keep host versions consistent
  • Assign static IP addresses to servers
  • Use of thin provisioning to cut down dramatically on disk space
  • Size your server using recommended best practice
  • Ensure that you can generate desktops and users can log on before adding a second or third or fourth server to the grid.
Joining servers to the Grid
  • Do not join multiple servers at the same time
  • Let the second server join, receive images, provision desktops before joining the third
Use IP addresses instead of DNS names
  • To remove the dependency on DNS
  • For setting up the hypervisor connection
  • For the vdiManager console when configuring the Grid
  • For the Active Directory User database connection
Create a base image
  • Start with an ISO to create a base published image
  • Test this base image first and use this to make additional copies for production
  • Keep image sizes small (20-30GB). Less storage space consumed
  • Create one domain administrator account for both user authentication (Active Directory) and for image syspreps
  • Minimize password changes to accounts. You can do this by creating special “Citrix” accounts
  • vdiManager <> Hypervisor | HTTP over SSL/TLS (HTTPS):443
  • vdiManager <> Active Directory | LDAP:389 | LDAP over SSL/TLS (LDAPS):636
  • Endpoint <> vdiManager | HTTP over SSL/TLS (HTTPS):443
  • Endpoint <> Secure Remote Access (CAG VPX) |HTTP over SSL/TLS (HTTPS):443
  • Desktop Receiver <> Virtual Desktop | ICA:1494 or 2598 RDP:3389

Logins and username and passwords
  • Management COnsole https://vdiMgrIPaddress/admin - Account: vdiadmin/kaviza
  • VDI-in-a-Box appliance logon (vdiMgrIPaddress) - User: kvm/kaviza123|User: root/kaviza123
  • User logon from a web browser https://vdiMgrIPaddres
  • User logon from the Java Client http://vdiMgrIPaddres/dt/vdiclient.jnlp
  • User logon from mobile devices http://vdiMgrIPaddres/dt/PNAgent/config.xml

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