Monday, 4 February 2013

Citrix Access Gateway - Recovery Mode

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I had an issue this week where I'd setup a XenDesktop environment and everything was looking good and internal testing showed everything was working as it should be.  I moved on to the configuration of the CAG VPX and after configuring just the hostname, Licensing, STA, Access List, Logon Points and the Date and time the CAG would restart it self over and over again until it went in to Recovery Mode.

Upon troubleshooting I started to configure the CAG bit by bit and I found that once I configured the STA the CAG would then restart - very strange.

So I enabled logging on the DDC using the Log EnablerV3 and I could see that I was getting STA error's logged in the broker log, so i started to think that this must have been a dodgy install even though XD installer didn't highlight anything once it had finshed.

So I had a quick peek in the registry and i could see under the following key that the STA identifier wasn't created correctly.


So I re-ran the Broker_Service_x64.msi from the XD iso and then refreshed the registry and I could now see that the STA identifier was now correctly configured in the registry.

Hope this helps someone out.

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