Monday, 18 March 2013

How to delete License's on XenDesktop

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Every now and then you'll find that you might need to delete a few licenses on your XenDesktop installation generally due to over usage, bit of a pain when a user gets this error as it displays an error about not enough licenses available.

First from where you have installed the license server run the following commands from C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS

udadmin -list

This will display who is currently using a license and when it is due to expire.

siobhan.andrews XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0815
stephen.dunn XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0815
steve.jerome XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0731
suzanne.ballantine XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0815
sylvia.munn XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0815
teena.omara XDT_ENT_UD 2013.0815

Next find the user who you want to delete and then type the following command.

udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -user teena.omara -delete

you have now released a license

udadmin -list
Displays all the users and devices.

udadmin -list -a
Lists all features, versions, counts of licenses, and the users and devices for each feature.

udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -user u8.08 -delete
Releases one user from one feature.

udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -device dn01.88 -delete
Releases one device from one feature.

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  1. Usefull post.I have one problem.Maybe you can solve it.When I delete license on XenDesktop for one user,and add another user instead of it, user cant be seen with udadmin -list.Why?When I list udadmin I can't see either lastname of username.I just see name.
    Thank you in advance,